Thursday, November 22, 2007

Triska and Me

Photo labeled Triska and Me.


Jen said...

Gran said Triska was from Florida.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that looks like a family member to me. He looks like a Picha. My Grandmother Rose died in 1947 and I came along in 1951 and wanted to know my roots and family tree. My Mother had very little to tell me, since children never asked personal things, like they do today. My Grandmother's oldest sibling was Josephine and she married a Jewish man named Ernest Triska. That was all my Mother could tell me. My Mother's cousin Mary went to Aunt Josephine's funeral, but couldn't remember her marriage name. The Pichas were Catholic and at that time of the marriage, I think about 1904, the Picha family was not too happy. My Grandmother was a change of life baby, so Josephine was old enough to be my Grandmother's Mother.
I called an Ernest Triska in Florida, maybe 20 years ago. I did write a letter and tried to explain, but no answer back.

I will keep that photo as part of my Triska file. You have no Idea how long it took me ti even find the name Triska. No one knew the name, just Josephine. The photo is Ernest jr. Josephine's son. Any other photos of Ernest, would be appreciated.
Don Picha Curry